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What would you share, record, or produce if you knew you had an expert team who’d get it done in a day?


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Who is Internal Podcast in a Day™ for?

Are you…?

  • Producing Internal Communication or Training
  • Engaging & Educating Individuals & Teams
  • Knowledge Sharing across Projects, Functions, or Departments

Internal podcasts are a great way to share wins, priorities and lessons learned. To hear from & showcase a wide array of voices on topics of importance. To keep learning & leadership development up-to-date in a cost-effective manner.

Internal Podcast in a Day™ is for internal communication, learning & development, diversity & inclusion, & knowledge sharing leaders & teams.

Bring ease, clarity, & speed to your communication or learning projects.


How it works

Apply, Choose a Day, Get it Done

Simplicity & A Set Date

When you apply, we assess if your project is a good fit for this structure. Then you purchase & select your day. You’ll receive a Welcome packet with how to get the most out of your day.


Ease & Clarity

Not sure if you have everything you’ll need for your audio project? We’ll tell you! We provide you with checklists, templates, & guidelines to ensure our work together succeeds.


Expert Support & Guidance

The more you submit to us in advance, the more we can help you. We’ll advise on anything from music & voiceover to background noise & learning content & messaging.

A day? Really?

What can we accomplish?

Here’s how clients use their days. Which will you choose? Choose one per day:


Podcast Planning & Prep

Starting from scratch? Let’s co-create an episode-by-episode roadmap for launch, guest prep, promotion, recording, production & branding of your internal podcast complete with graphics, voiceover, & music.

Recording Episodes

Need expert recording instruction & equipment? Let’s book a day to record your podcast right. This increases your sound & content quality, minimizing time required for editing & post-production.


Podcast Production

Are you ready to produce pre-recorded content? We’ll edit, mix & master existing recordings, delivering them to you complete with show notes, transcriptions and promotional graphics ready to launch.

Download a Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to create & launch your internal podcast?

There are many decisions to make as you plan your internal podcast: What format will each episode take? How do you ensure high quality sound recording of remote guests? What's the best way to prep each person so they stay on message? When will you promote it? Where will you host recordings?

Internal Podcast in a Day™ clients receive a step-by-step guide to planning, recording, editing, hosting & distributing, marketing, launching, and growing your internal podcast, complete with templates & checklists for each step from planning to promotion. Download a one-page checklist to get started today.

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We’d like to hear more about your audio projects. Drop us a line in the contact form below or click to schedule a call.

About Mountainview Studio

Building on decades of experience in multimedia production, corporate leadership, and learning & communication for multinational organizations, Chris & Rebecca bring global expertise to your projects.

For content consulting, planning & prep for internal podcasting, design & delivery of award-winning learning & leadership programming, or English voiceover, we support you with engaging audio for your leadership, learning, and internal communication.

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